Sharing the Game of Baseball

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the game of baseball around the world.

We share baseball by sharing resources and best practices with communities and organizations who can benefit from them. Our approach to sharing the game is tailored to the specific needs of each local baseball community.

Our Values

Our vision is to build a stronger baseball community, by supporting and strengthening the grassroots infrastructure that makes the game of baseball possible in communities around the world.

A is for Access

We provide ACCESS to the game by providing donated equipment, financial support, and fundraising campaigns for specific projects.

C is for Community

We develop and strengthen COMMUNITIES within the game by promoting the game and forging partnerships between organizations and people.

E is for Education

We EDUCATE people about the game by providing in-person and virtual teaching and coaching for players, parents, and coaches.

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Our Programs

Our Small Ball Youth Baseball program teaches the game to beginners in a fun and easily accessible way, to increase enjoyment and boost player retention levels.

Our Share Baseball Around the World grant program lets baseball fans in America support youth baseball players in other countries through online donations.

Our Irish Youth Baseball program continues our work in Ireland via school-based instruction, after-school clubs, and partnerships with youth sports associations in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Help Us Share the Game of Baseball: Make an Online Donation Today!