Sharing the Game of Baseball

Irish Youth Baseball Program

Emerald Diamond International was founded in 2006 to support the development of amateur baseball programs in Ireland. Each year, we teach the game of baseball to over 5,000 boys and girls in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We also support existing baseball and rounders clubs throughout Ireland.

The Irish Youth Baseball program is made possible by the support of the Irish American Baseball Society, and these fine organizations:

Two Bridges Asset Management helps investors passively invest in Multifamily real estate. President Jonathan Twombly is an avid Red Sox fan who traces his Irish roots back to Donegal and Fermanagh!

The Emerald Guild Society is an association of Irish and Irish-American Building Managers brought together by their common heritage and employment in the property management field.

Additional support is provided by:

  • Terrence J. Kenneally & Associates in Rocky River, Ohio
  • Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 32 in Carnegie, PA

Our Programs

Our Small Ball Youth Baseball program teaches the game to beginners in a fun and easily accessible way, to increase enjoyment and boost player retention levels.

Our Share Baseball Around the World grant program lets baseball fans in America support youth baseball players in other countries through online donations.

Our Irish Youth Baseball program continues our work in Ireland via school-based instruction, after-school clubs, and partnerships with youth sports associations in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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