Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Emerald Diamond International’s Fiscal Sponsorship program helps teams and leagues raise funds by leveraging our non-profit status. The program includes a rigorous vetting and consultation process to ensure our partners are able to raise funds effectively and efficiently.

What Are the Advantages of Fiscal Sponsorship?

Partnering with Emerald Diamond International allows your organization to accept tax-deductible donations from individual donors and businesses. You may also apply for certain grants that require 501c3 status.

We also provide partner organizations with free fundraising consultations and online fundraising pages.

How Does Fiscal Sponsorship Compare to Applying for 501c3?

Applying for 501c3 nonprofit status is expensive, time-consuming, and the process can take several months.

By comparison, our Fiscal Sponsorship program is easier and more affordable:

  1. Applying takes 15 minutes.
  2. We typically approve applications within 10 business days.
  3. Total cost is as low as $200 depending on the amount of money raised.

How Much Does Fiscal Sponsorship Cost?

We’ve developed our Fiscal Sponsorship program to make it affordable and cost-effective for baseball organizations of all sizes:

  1. There is no cost to apply for our Fiscal Sponsorship program.
  2. Once approved, there is a $200 annual fee to cover setup and administrative costs.
  3.  There is no fee for the first $2,000 that you raise through our fiscal sponsorship program.
  4. Once you hit $2,000 of funds raised, there is a 10% fee to cover administrative costs associated with managing the program on your organization’s behalf.

What is the Total Cost to My Organization?

The total cost to your organization depends on the total amount of money raised.

For example:
  • If your organization raises $1,500, the only cost is the $200 setup fee.
  • If your organization raises $20,000, the total cost is $2,200 ($200 setup fee plus 10% of $20,000).

How Does the Fiscal Sponsorship Program Work?

After your application is approved, your organization may begin accepting tax deductible donations. Checks are made out to “Emerald Diamond International” and can be sent directly to us. We deposit the money and distribute funds to your organization according to a pre-determined schedule, typically quarterly or monthly, depending on your organization’s needs.

Can Emerald Diamond International Help Us Raise Funds?

We can! We can set up an online fundraising page for your organization and we can offer advice and best practices on how to approach individual donors and local businesses for large donations.
We don’t provide fundraising event planning or fundraising sales campaigns. You can find those services through a Google search.